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and the Remaking of an American Iconį Chapter 3 Title: įChapter 3 Title: Neo Drift Out: New Technology and the Remaking of an American Icon Summary: In my last chapter, I noted the rapid pace of technology development in North America. One-way, the rate of change in technology has outpaced the ability of individuals to keep up with the rapid pace of technological change. In the meantime, new, more modern technology has become the norm and older technologies have become outdated and obsolete. In this chapter, I explore the various attitudes individuals have towards technology and the need to make sense of this accelerated technology development. I argue that people find new technology interesting for the same reasons that people find a new “look” interesting. Old technologies have become obsolete and, in some cases, just worn out. New technologies, however, are still exciting. They are just different enough from old technologies that we are attracted to them. Since the advent of this accelerated technology development, we have come to accept new technology. Individuals tend to take for granted this rapidly changing environment and the new norms associated with it. While many people feel a sense of “loss” in this new environment, they are not in favor of living in a static past and assume that the new norms will eventually lead to a better life. On the contrary, they are very open to new technologies. “Money” has been in the news a great deal recently. Billions of dollars have been added to our economy through the use of new technologies. With the emergence of these technologies, we must ask ourselves, “How do we make sense of the use of these technologies?” Technology is not just for today and tomorrow. It is embedded in our economy today. We must be attentive to the ways we understand the use of technology as well as the ways new technology is shaping our lives. The history of technology is primarily the history of the economy. Technology is not a new invention, but a new implementation of old inventions. Now, we need to make sense of the ways in which new technology is reshaping our lives. Chapter 3: How Do We Make Sense of the Ways in Which New Technology is Reshaping Our Lives?1: Introduction: In my last chapter, I explored the ways that money has changed our economy in the last 50 years. We can trace the history of this change through the history of technology. In this chapter, I explore the ways in which we make sense of the way we use new technology




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New Winkawaks 162 Fullset Roms

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